Kate + Dan /// Crossing Vineyards – Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I knew that Kate and Dan were really easy going and fun to be around after shooting their engagement photos in Trenton, New Jersey. If you want to see the engagement photos you can find them here. We had a ridiculously hot day, probably one of the hottest working days for me so far this year. You’ll see in one of the images below that there was plenty of water on hand and a screen shot of the 101 degree weather report. Besides the heat though, everything went incredibly well. It was all held at Crossing Vineyards in Washington Crossing, PA and I had Seth Shimkonis with me on this one. Thanks Kate and Dan for being so willing to have your photos taken in the heat. You guys are awesome!!!

  • dan said:

    Hi jeff....awesome! We are in st lucia right now so we are only able to see these from my cell phone. Can wait to see them at home the way they are meant to be seen.

    Dan & Kate

  • Really beautiful pictures. I enjoyed looking at all of them. Great work!!

  • Kate said:

    They are all so wonderful. LOVE THEM!